10 Writing Tips from the Masters

10 Writing Tips from the Masters

10 Writing Tips from the Writing Masters for Writing this Memorial Day Weekend

19 Twitter Tips for Authors + Others


What makes people follow, favorite, click, and retweet?

The Loveliest Way to Connect with Readers


I’m pushing two projects forward now, and my heart is in one but the other is so much easier. These two visits with book clubs have reminded me of the importance of having your heart deeply engaged in a book, both as a reader, and as a writer.

10 Terrific Quotes from Elizabeth Strout’s Fresh Ai...


May I recommend this interview — Elizabeth Strout with Terry Gross on Fresh Air — to anyone who writes, anyone who wants to write, anyone who has been to law school, anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be a writer, or … well, anyone!

A Bit About Elizabeth Strout

A Bit About Elizabeth Strout

Elizabeth Strout’s first novel was published in 2000 which, if you do the math, is 18 years after the publication of her first story, and 28 after she’d begun to submit her work–never mind when she’d begun to write.

1 great way to celebrate the holidays with your book grou...


The best way I know of the celebrate the holidays with a book club? My neighborhood book group has been gathering for an annual holiday book swap for as long as we’ve been gathering. Last night, we did it again. We bring eats (mostly cookies of various sorts), drinks (mostly wine), and a wrapped book. […]

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