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The Wednesday Sisters Reviews

Meg Waite Clayton's stirring novel will appeal not just to those who secretly wish to be writers, but to anyone with a love of great books; anyone who has felt truly moved by a book or an author; and anyone who has had their dreams bolstered by good and faithful friends. It will speak volumes to fans of THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB and THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB. You'll want to share THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS with anyone who believes in the power of a good book—to inspire those close to us, and for those who inspire. - Bronwyn Miller

Gentry Magazine, January 2009
Our Bookshelves will be all the richer with the addition of Clayton's moving, tender, and affecting stories about the importance of something we should never take for granted as time and change march on: friendship. - Jennifer Massoni

Historical Novels Review, November 2008
Entertaining and enjoyable—certain to be a popular book club selection.

Booklist - April 18, 2008
Readers will be swept up by this moving novel about female friendship
and enthralled by the recounting of a pivotal year in American history as seen through these young women's eyes.

Publisher's Weekly - March 4, 2008
Clayton ably conjures the era's details and captures the women's changing roles in a world that expects little of them.

Salt Lake City Deseret News - August 3, 2008
Clayton captures the evolution of a decades-long friendship in an highly accessible narrative. She grabs the reader's attention—while introducing compelling and quirky characters that are easy to identify with—"The Wednesday Sisters" is a refreshing alternative. - Jessica Harrison

The Palo Alto Weekly - October 3, 2008
—tugs at the heartstrings with scenes that are at once
touching, comic and redeeming—readers on the hunt for a comforting and cozy, early-autumn page-turner will not be disappointed. Clayton succeeds in creating a memorable group of women for whom readers will be rooting from beginning to end. - Jennifer Deitz

The Nashville Scene - July 10, 2008
The Wednesday Sisters poignantly illustrates the way it really was back in the days when the glass ceiling was more like the roof of a marble tomb—Though all their hopes aren't realized, the friendship these women share provides a haven for each one anyway—and for the readers of this novel. - Faye Jones

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine
After reading this book, you will want to form your own group of Wednesday Sisters, and go through life with them—I took this book with me everywhere —Clayton tells a great story about friendship and how women support each other through life's moments. It's a great pleasure to read. - Kathy Schlaeger

Reader to Reader
Talented author Meg Waite Clayton has crafted a tale of a group that we would want to be part of. —A delightful and gracious story by an author whose other works you'll want to read. - Anne K. Edwards

I Just Finished
This is a book club's dream book—and anyone who loves to read and aspires to write. — Meg Waite Clayton writes a story readers will cherish and want to share with all their good friends. She has written a book lover's book, a writer's delight, and a friendship's friend.

Coffeetime Romance and More
The love, camaraderie, and devotion linking these five outstanding women together is so poignant I felt centered right in the middle of the loving group. Meg Waite Clayton delightfully pens a story women will treasure.

Story Circle Book Reviews - July 7, 2008
Clayton develops strong individual characters and tells a powerful story that celebrates friendship, trust, and life. - Susan Ideus

Romance Reader at Heart - June 2008
THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS reads like a visit with an old, treasured friend. Smooth and flowing, this story—embraces the magic that brings women together in a special bond that can only be called sisterhood. It is an absolute treasure, one that I'll be passing on to the "sister" of my heart! - Kay James

Advance Praise

Lalita Tademy, author of Red River and Cane River
I read The Wednesday Sisters in one delicious gulp. With a smart, entrancing voice, Meg Waite Clayton sweeps us into the world of the tumultuous 1960's and beyond, and gives us the gift of five young women coming into their own as friends, mothers, wives and writers. The Wednesday Sisters takes their writing group as its core, and up until the last page, I found myself fervently rooting for each of them as if they were my friends too.

Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club
This generous and inventive book is a delight to read, an evocation of the power of friendship to sustain, encourage, and embolden us. Join the sisterhood!

Michelle Richmond, author of The Year of Fog
Meg Waite Clayton's The Wednesday Sisters is a heartwarming novel about the joys and complications of friendship, an inspiring story for anyone who has dared to dream big. Clayton's characters are the kind of women you can imagine joining on the park bench—for a good laugh, a good cry, or a spirited conversation about literature and life.

Masha Hamilton, author of The Camel Bookmobile and The Distance Between Us
The Wednesday Sisters, a beautifully written story of women's friendship, inspired me the way my closest friends do. It made me laugh. It made me cry. Most of all, it enriched my life. If you've ever had a best friend, buy a copy for her.

Lolly Winston, author of Good Grief and Happiness Sold Separately
Long before there were book clubs and play dates, there were the Wednesday Sisters—a group of women whose shared love of literature transports them above the pains and pitfalls of ordinary life. While these women may seem like typical suburban housewives, each character has an intriguing secret and a rich interior life that drew me into the story and held me there. This remarkable group of women demonstrates that no matter what period of history in which we live, no matter what race, creed or class we are, no matter what pains we endure, our one unifying salvation can be books. And this book reminded me of why I love to read.

Caroline Leavitt, author of Pictures of You
Richly intelligent, deeply felt and incandescently original, Clayton's book is a rhapsodic story of female friendship, set against wildly changing times and mores. Not only is the book heartbreaking, funny, and undeniably smart, but truly, this is the kind of book you don't just want to pass on to all your friends. You have to.

Ellen Baker, author of Keeping the House
Meg Waite Clayton gives us a group of spunky women— mostly young, married mothers—who make the unlikely decision in 1967 to form a writers' group. Their diverse journeys over the next years in their writing and in their lives add up to a compelling and deeply moving testament to the power of women's friendships. I simply couldn't put The Wednesday Sisters down until I'd turned the last page.

Amanda Eyre Ward, author of Forgive Me and How to be Lost
I simply could not put down The Wednesday Sisters. I gave my heart to Meg Clayton's vivid characters, and I read their intertwined stories breathlessly. Move over, Ya-ya sisters!