20 Authors / 20 Books Valentine’s Day Giveaway, and More

I’m sharing the book love in three ways between now and Valentine’s Day, all involving free books:

The Wednesday Daughters Cover Heart 1. I’m doing a The Wednesday Daughters advanced reader copy giveaway on my facebook author page. You could be among the first to read the new book, which is a sequel of sorts to The Wednesday Sisters. Thanks again for helping that one become a national bestseller!

2. In a few days, I’ll be sharing more advanced reader copies of The Wednesday Daughters with members of the Wednesday Reader’s Circle, so there is still time to sign up for that!

3. And I’m hosting a 20 Authors / 20 Books Valentine’s Day Giveaway with some amazing author friends. Who? Hint: The collected covers of the beautiful books below!

My new one, a sequel of sorts to The Wednesday Sisters, doesn’t come out until July 30. But I’m too excited to wait until then to share it with at least a few readers!

I’m also inordinately proud of the heart I made out of The Wednesday Daughters cover. Do you think Mac would like it for a Valentine if I printed it and glued a little lace on it? Or perhaps my mom? (If you click on that last link, DO PLEASE let me know what you think of my mom’s Easter hat!) – Meg


  1. laurie blum laurie blum
    February 2, 2013    

    Vorcious reader, would love to win some books & readthemforward :)

  2. me me
    February 3, 2013    

    Love anyone who reads them forward, Laurie!

  3. February 10, 2013    

    What a lovely way to spread the love.

1st BOOKS is hosted by MEG WAITE CLAYTON

Read the new national bestseller, The Race for Paris, from the author of the New York Times-bestseller The Wednesday Sisters (a writing group novel). Meg has also written essays for The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Writer's Digest, Runner's World, and public radio.

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